Blue print of Boat Propellers: Simply provide us with your Motor Type, Horse Power (HP), Wide Open Throttle Revolutions per Minute (rpm), Propeller Pitch, and GPS Speed Reading. Honey Badger Marine Products can assist its clients in getting Optimal Performance out of their present Propellers: Reducing Slip, Increasing Lift and Optimizing your r.p.m.
HBMP has a wide range of standard and modified Popellers available to the local marine sector.
Turnaround time on finished products is approximately five working days.

» Fitment:

Fitment of boat bunks can be done on premises in Jet Park, Boksburg.
Overhead crane available for lifting boats.

» Parts (Import):

HBMP sources and import a wide range of specific marine parts and products directly from the United States of America (USA), which are currently not available to the South African market. We can import your dream Bass Boat from the USA.

» Boats (Import):

As a service to the South African bass fishing industry, HBMP will assist clients in importing American manufactured/branded Bass Boats—NEW and USED.

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Services: Blue print of boat propellers, importing parts (USA), importing boats (USA)